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From Nature to Nurture: Exploring The Punarvasu’s Ayurvedic Health Solutions

In the constant hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often don’t have the time to focus on ourselves. We need a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle that brings us joy and fulfillment. Among the myriad options for health and well-being, Ayurveda stands tall, offering comprehensive care for the mind and body. Ayurveda harnesses the power of nature to bring you a complete and sustainable system of medicine that revitalizes the mind and body alike. We at The Punarvasu bring forth the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom of our great sages with our products. We try to blend ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science to create Ayurvedic medicines that stay true to their traditional formulations. Made with the finest quality ingredients and in strict adherence to the preparation methods mentioned in our texts, all of our products are effective and authentic. Here’s a look at the various Ayurvedic medicine formulations we offer:

Suvarna Yoga

Suvarna, or Gold is considered a very effective mineral in Ayurveda. Mainly used in the form of Bhasma, it provides numerous therapeutic benefits. It helps enhance immunity, improve stamina, and treat diseases like Bronchial Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus, nervous system diseases, and other illnesses. However, simply ingesting Suvarna Bhasma randomly is not advisable. Instead, consult an Ayurvedic doctor to advise you on the right prescription and dosage of Suvarna Yukta products depending on your ailments and bodily needs. At The Punarvasu, our Suvarna Yoga range boasts products containing original gold, prepared with utmost care and strict supervision.


As the name suggests, Churna is the fine powder form of the herbs or minerals used in Ayurvedic medicine. Herbs used in Churna preparation are cleaned properly, dried completely, grinded, and then sieved. Ayurvedic churna are often consumed with some Anupan like milk, ghee, or honey to increase their palatability and make them easier to absorb and digest. Anupan can also act as a vehicle that carries the churna to its target site. Churna is easy to consume, making it easier for the body to absorb and utilize it quickly. Better absorption allows the medicine to start working quickly.

Vati (Tablet)

Vati or tablet is popular in Ayurvedic medicine formulations as it ensures dosage accuracy which is difficult to achieve in other liquid or solid forms of medication. They are made of one or more herbs. The ingredients of the tablets are dried and powdered separately, processed with utmost care, and transformed into Tablet form. These tablets are easier to consume, chemically more stable, and more durable than other forms of medicines.

Guggulu (Tablet)

Guggulu is a well-known herb, popular in Ayurveda for its Tridoshahar properties. It improves metabolism, increases the digestive fire, and reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness in joints. Guggulu has many other benefits for the body, especially when combined with other ingredients. The Punarvasu offers a wide range of Guggulu tablets prepared by mixing Guggulu with other beneficial herbs, minerals, or drugs to treat various ailments.

Ghanvati (Tablet)

Ghanvati is a form of Vati, popular for its accuracy and effectiveness. While it is available at The Punarvasu in tablet form, it differs from Vati in its preparation method. Ghanvati is made through a strict process where the ingredients are thoroughly cleaned, boiled in water, filtered, and then decocted to form a thick paste. This thick paste is later dried and then converted into Tablets. Similar to Vati, Ghanvati is easier to consume and offers better dosage accuracy. The Punarvasu has a wide range of Ghanvati products for different ailments. Our products are made with utmost care and strict supervision to achieve the best quality and efficacy.


Ghrita, also called Ghee, is another popular form of Ayurvedic medicine. Ghrita is prepared by processing ghee with other Kasayas (Decoction) and ingredients according to the prescribed formulation stated in Ayurvedic classic texts. Ghrita has an amazing ability to effectively absorb the properties of the ingredients added to it without losing its own properties. It is useful for consumption as well as topical application in the affected areas.

Kwatha (Coarse Powder)

Kwatha is a coarse powder of one or more herbs used to make a decoction by a specific method. Usually, a fixed amount of the Kwatha mixture is soaked in water for 7-8 hours. Then this soaked mixture is boiled till only ¼ part of the water remains. The remaining liquid is called kadha or kwatha. As it is soaked in water and then boiled, the water absorbs the properties of the ingredients in the mixture. When consumed in this form, the drugs are easily digested and utilized by the body.

Kwatha (Liquid Extract)

Kwatha available in powder form is used to make a decoction which involves following a specific procedure daily. However, finding time to do this exercise daily is often difficult for most people. That’s why, at The Punarvasu, we offer Kwatha in concentrated liquid extract form to make consumption easier. This kwatha liquid gives all the benefits of the kwatha powder decoction minus the hassle of preparing it daily.


Malhara, also known as Malaham, or Marham, is a semi-liquid Ayurvedic formulation similar to an ointment. Depending on the different ingredients used in their preparation, these ointments are used for cleansing, healing, and beautifying the body. Malhara are useful for topical application in wounds, skin allergies, burns, cuts, skin infections, and certain skin diseases.


The word Rasa signifies many things in Ayurveda. However, for this post, Rasa refers to the Parad (mercury), metals, and minerals used in Ayurveda for their medicinal properties. Ayurveda recognizes the immense healing potential of Parad (mercury) and various metals and minerals around us. In Ayurvedic medicine, these metals and minerals are used in different ways to get many health benefits. The Punarvasu boasts many medicines based on different rasa dravyas that combat different ailments.

Rasayan & Avaleha

Rasayana and Avaleha are semi-solid formulations prepared by adding sugar or jaggery and boiling it with prescribed herbs, their juices, or decoctions of those herbs. Due to its semi-solid form, avaleha can be easily consumed and absorbed. These preparations have a long shelf life and can usually last for a year or more.


Taila, or oils, are an essential part of our hygiene. However, Ayurveda recognizes oils as having great medicinal properties useful in treating a wide range of skin and hair ailments, joint diseases, and other ailments of both internal and external nature. Ayurvedic taila are used in skin care, hair care, massage, and aromatherapy. But more than its uses for skin and hair, Ayurvedic Tailas are also used to prepare various medicines. Ayurveda uses taila to balance the tridoshas and nourish and rejuvenate the body.


No matter which form of Ayurvedic medicine you prefer, what matters the most is the quality and authenticity of the medicine. The Punarvasu’s Ayurvedic medicines are made with the best quality raw materials under strict adherence to traditional Ayurvedic practices. With our wide range of products, commitment to the best quality, and customer-centric approach, we are your trusted partner on the path to holistic wellness. Start your wellness journey with The Punarvasu and experience the transformative power of Ayurvedic wisdom!