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Madhumehari Churna : Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom to Manage Diabetes and Debility

Tired of eating heavy medicines and controlling your sugar intake? Looking for a solution to manage diabetes without the pills? Well, the answer my friends is blowing in the wind! Nature has the answers to almost all our bodily issues! No matter what your concern is, you can find a cure in the lap of nature. And ayurveda is that ancient vedic knowledge that helps you harness nature to find cures for your issues. Diabetes, the one illness that plagues millions world wide, also has a natural ayurvedic solution. Controlling your blood sugar levels is easy with the right ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic condition where your body starts producing too much sugar or your pancreas stops secreting enough insulin in the body. It has many and varied symptoms from excess thirst and frequent urination to fatigue, weakness, blurry vision and slow healing sores. Diabetes results in a lot of other body problems like heart and blood pressure diseases, kidney issues, nervous system issues, liver issues, eye and foot damage, skin conditions, etc. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to keep diabetes in check. Punarvasu’s Madhumehari Churna helps manage blood sugar levels to keep a check on diabetes and reduce debility and fatigue issues in the body. Here’s how this amazing diabetes ayurvedic remedy works wonders on the body:

What is Madhumehari Churna?

Punarvasu’s Madhumehari Churna is an amalgamation of herbs that provide relief in Madhumeha (diabetes) and weakness. It is an ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, specially curated with the finest quality ingredients and thorough ayurvedic process. The main purpose and benefit of this churna is balancing the blood sugar levels and providing energy to the body. It boasts of ingredients like Amala, Karela, Mamejava, Jambubija, Haridra, Lodhra, Neem, Kariyatu, Kalijiri, Methi, and Guduchi. Traditionally, most of these herbs were used to regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and improve gut health. They have proven very effective in managing diabetes and improving the body’s core strength. These herbs work by improving the pancreatic function, decreasing sugar levels in the blood and reducing oxidative stress in the body.

How to Manage Diabetes with Madhumehari Churna

Madhumehari Churna is nature’s answer to a lot of body issues. It is a very effective ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, weakness, burning sensation, etc. Made with herbs that are traditionally used in treating various types of prameha, it is quite effective in treating Madhumeha. These herbs include Amla, Methi, Karela, Jambubija, Nimba, etc. which offer amazing benefits for the body and gut health. They help decrease blood sugar levels and increase insulin secretion. The main cause of diabetes is the increased level of sugar in the blood. More often than not, improper diet is the biggest cause of this increase in sugar levels. This may lead you to worry that diabetes means going without foods that you love eating. The good news is that you can still eat your favorite foods, but perhaps less often or in smaller proportions.

With Diabetes, the key to balanced eating is to add a variety of healthy foods from all food groups to your diet and that too in the amounts your meal plan outlines.


  • No Starchy: Includes Broccoli, Carrots, Greens, Peppers, and Tomatoes
  • Starchy: Includes Potatoes, Corn, and Green Peas

Fruits: Includes Oranges, Bananas, Melon, Berries, and Grapes

Grains: At Least half of your grains for the day should be whole grains

  • Includes Wheat, Rice, Oats, Cornmeal, Barley, Quinoa
  • Examples: Bread, Pasta, Cereal, and Tortillas


  • Lean meat
  • Chicken or Turkey without skin
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and peanuts
  • Dried beans and certain peas, such as Chickpeas and Split Peas
  • Meat substitutes, such as Tofu

Dairy – Non-Fat or Low-Fat:

  • Milk or Lactose-free milk if you have lactose intolerance.
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese

Foods and Drinks to limit include:

  • Fried foods and other foods high in fat and trans fat
  • Foods high in salt, also called sodium
  • Sweets, such as baked goods, candy, and ice cream
  • Beverages with added sugars such as juice, regular soda, and regular sports or energy drinks

Along with a balanced diet, physical exercise can also help reduce blood sugar levels. You can try exercises like Walking Briskly, Doing household chores, Dancing, Swimming, Bicycling, other sports, etc.

Natural Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes like the Madhumehari Churna along with a balanced diet and regular exercise can work wonders in keeping your sugar in check. The combination of herbs in Madhumehari Churna stimulates the secretion of insulin from the pancreas to balance blood sugar. Ingredients like Jambubija, Karela, and Mamejava help prevent spikes in the blood sugar levels after meals. They help stabilize the blood sugar which is very helpful in managing diabetes. Made with the best quality herbs, Punarvasu’s Madhumehari Churna is one of the most effective treatments in ayurveda for diabetes (Madhumeha).

How Madhumehari Churna Helps Reduce Weakness

We might not realize it but diabetes has a significant impact on the overall health and energy levels. It affects the blood sugar levels which results in the feeling of fatigue and dullness in the body. Our pancreas secrete insulin which enters the blood to decrease the amount of sugar in the blood. But for diabetic people, the pancreas doesn’t secrete enough insulin to control the amount of sugar absorption and keep up the energy levels. That’s why the blood sugar levels in the body increase. And it’s also why diabetic patients feel more tired and weak often. At Punarvasu, we understand the need for balance in the blood sugar levels. That’s why our Madhumehari Churna is made of herbs that regulate the sugar levels and stimulate the release of insulin. This helps the body to absorb sugar properly and maintain glucose and energy levels. It also enhances stamina and vitality.


Unlike popular belief, living with diabetes is not that difficult if you’re cautious, disciplined, and regular in taking care of your body. Diabetes and other related problems like weakness,  burning sensation, dry mouth, etc. require care and proper medication. The Punarvasu‘s Madhumehari Churna is an effective ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes or Madhumeha. Taking a spoonful of this churna twice daily is enough to keep your blood sugar in check and your energy levels high. Use it daily as a routine to stay healthy and stress free for a long time!